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Faculty of Medicine / School of Medicine

Graduate School of Medicine is made up of 1) Course of Medical Sciences (Doctor Program) in medicine and biomedical sciences, 2) Course of Biomedical Sciences (Master Program) in biomedical sciences, and 3) Course of Health Sciences (Doctor Program and Master Program) in nursing, laboratory sciences, environmental health sciences, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. We pursue the missions through a comprehensive approach to human health. We serve the scientific community in promoting biomedical sciences. We also serve health professionals for advanced education.

Since the establishment of Maebashi Medical College in 1943, Gunma University School of Medicine has been a center for research and education of medicine and health sciences in the Northern Kanto area. In fact, we have been awarded from MEXT prestigious 21st Century COE(Center of Excellence) Programs "Processing of biosignals: Receptor activation, signal transduction, functional expression and animal behaviors"(2002-2007), and "Biomedical research using accelerator technology" (2004-2009), and recently Global COE Program "Signal transduction in the regulatory system and its disorders" (2007-2012).

We have also played a central role in the health care of more than two million people in this area. Construction of Heavy Ion Irradiation Facility for the revolutionary cancer therapy is underway and is to be completed in 2009.

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