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Past News

2016/11/17 GUMI & AMDE 2016 (The 3rd International Symposium of Gunma University Medical Innovation and the 8th International Conference on Advanced Micro- Device Engineering)
2016/11/10 Meetings on the Evaluation of the Community-based IPE Program at University of health sciences in the Lao P.D.R.
2016/10/13 Three Chinese Professors Honored with the title "Guest Professor" in Gunma University
2016/10/03 Recruitment of Kiryu Campus Student Dormitory on April 2017
2016/10/03 The Undergraduate Admission Guideline for International students 2017
2016/09/28 The 3rd Symposium of GIAR will be held on October 25th.
2016/09/21 Report of Attendance at All Together Better Health VIII (ATBH VIII)
2016/09/14 Report of Quy Hoa National Dermatology Hospital and Niigata College of Nursing Personnels Visit to WHOCC