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If you are an international student wishing to enter Gunma University to attend regular courses, you need to take the Special Entrance Examination for Foreign Students. This Exam paper is set by Japanese language. Application information is released in September every year. You need to file an application from late January to early February, and take the examination held in late February. You also need to take the Examination for Japanese University (EJU) Another window opens Admission for International Students before filing your application. This examination is held in Japanese twice a year in, or around, June and November. For more details, visit the Japan Student Services Organization Website Another window opens. If you want to enter the School of Science and Technology, you will also need to take the TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS examination.

For detail, check the GU CIER site Another window opens.

[Procedures for becoming a GU student]
June/Nov. Take the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students. Take the TOEFL etc. to enter the School of Science and Technology.
Sep. Download the application package (application form enclosed)
Late Jan. ~ early Feb. File the application
Late Feb. Take the entrance examination
Early March Examination results

You can download the application package for the Boshuyoko through the Information on GU Entrance Exam website.
The Boshuyoko will be posted on the same website around September.
Information on the entrance examination selection method can also be downloaded on the same website around June.