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Library and Information Technology Center

Gunma University Hospital

The Library and IT Center aims to support education and research of Gunma University with its libraries and IT services. Our libraries provide a variety of learning spaces, along with printed and digital resources, while IT division administrates and maintains IT infrastructure of our campuses. We also serve the local community as an academic information center with our libraries being open to the public. Information Promotion Committee under our CIO presides over our activities to promote the use of IT and build secure IT environment throughout the university.

Library Division

The library division of the Center consists of Central Library, Medical Library, and Science & Technology Library located on each campus. One of the unique features of our libraries is an online academic repository AKAGI (Academic Knowledge Archives of Gunma Institutes) that archives materials collected by universities and institutions in Gunma prefecture.

Central Library

The Central Library located on Aramaki campus is general and humanities library for freshman of all faculties, students and staffs of the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Social and Information Studies. To support liberal arts education, we have started collecting English graded readers that are used in Extensive Reading Program of Freshmen English. In April 2013, the learning commons Agora opened, where we offer spaces with multimedia equipment and various types of one-to-one consultation services. Rare collections of Central Library include the Nitta Collections known for its cat drawings from the Edo period and the Local KarutaEEhe card gameE‰Collection.

Medical Library

The Medical Library for School of Medicine is located on Showa campus. It houses medical books and the special collections including The Patients’ Mind. This collection, which consists of more than 1,000 books on care for the elderly and medical ethics as well as patients’ disease diaries, is used for education of medical ethics.

Science & Technology Library

The Science & Technology Library for Faculty of Science and Technology is located on Kiryu campus. It mainly houses the resources of science and technology. Its newly opened learning commons, which has a variety of spaces for self study, group discussions, small meetings and presentations, is designed to help students’ active learning.

Information Technology Division

IT Division of the Center aims to improve IT environment of Gunma University by managing and operating university IT account, campus-wide wired and wireless network and PCs for education. Gunma University subscribes to the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) which provides student PCs and all university-owned computers with the latest release of Microsoft Office and upgrade of Windows.