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Graduate School of Social and Information Studies

Graduate School of Social and Information Studies

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Graduate School of Social and Information Studies --- The stage for further deepening your knowledge of social & information studies

This course, based within the Faculty of Social & Information Studies, was established for the pursuit of further studies in this field at the graduate level. Advanced studies in this department have been designed to deepen one’s understanding of the workings of organizations such as administrations and enterprises as well as to nurture professionals capable of participating in the decision-making processes from the perspective of the coexistence of man and information. Ideally, our objective is to nurture talented individuals with the ability to consider the problems that confront the information society as well as the roles of the various organizations that are active within our communities. Moreover, we hope to be able to offer a place for reeducation for those individuals who are involved in research organizations, public offices, businesses and other community activities. We seek to establish deepen the cooperation among communities, and industries and, at the same time, to nurture individuals capable responding to the demands for globalization among people throughout the world who are involved in the cultural and/or economic activities through guidance and leadership. Our graduate school welcomes graduate students from other countries in their efforts to make positive contributions to a truly international community.

With regard to those students of all ages who wish to pursue their studies in this graduate school, lectures are available both in the daytime and nighttime, and it is possible to complete the coursework by studying only at night.