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Welcome to Gunma University

Hiroshi Hiratsuka, President

Hiroshi Hiratsuka, President

Gunma University has continued to respond to the needs that have evolved over the ages of Meiji, Taisho, Showa and Heisei, as an institution of higher education playing a major role in educational reform. Gunma University continues to function upon a base that has been born from this history and the various traditions that have evolved within leading us to where we find ourselves today. In March 2011, the Gunma University Hospital became the first institution of its kind in Japan to establish and utilize a heavy ion therapy facility, and since June of the same year, it has been carrying out state-of-the-art medical care by initiating full-fledged heavy ion cancer treatments. Through the management and support of this epoch-making therapeutic device, the School of Medicine has been turning out approximately 10% of the nation’s radiotherapists. Furthermore, Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation and the Graduate School of Medicine are currently undergoing a cooperative management program with Akita University called the Global COE Program, and the “Signal Transduction in the Regulatory System and Its Disorders” is carrying out advanced research in the field of thyroid disorders among patients with iodine deciencies, a problem that is relatively common in Gunma Prefecture, as a tradition of endocrinological research has begun to flower.

Research in the various field of engineering include themes such as the realization of a low-carbon society, the development of new materials, and disaster prevention research such as the minimizing of damage from catastrophes. We are also working vigorously on a wide range of other projects dealing with advanced technological developments and social contributions.

Our Faculty of Education has a long tradition that includes the establishment of the Graduate School of Education (Professional Degree Course) in 2008. The goal of establishing this course was to be able to provide a program of educational seminars at a substantially high level in order to further enhance and support our teacher training activities and elevate our success in the licensing of new teachers.

Our Faculty of Social Information and Studies continues to proceed towards an ever advancing “information society”. This faculty strives to encourage students as they confront an increasingly broader perspective on this society by promoting personnel capable of achieving the ability to realize solutions within a broad range of activities.

In our Graduate School of Health Science, programs dealing world-class team medical education and research group programs continue to expand. In the future, we hope to see team medicine develop as a viable form of capable of bearing the burden of the development of further advanced human resources. In this manner, as a national university seeking to establish roots within a wide area, and in total accord with the demands of the times, by fostering the sprouts of academic research that will lead to greater things throughout Japan and throughout the entire world, Gunma University accepts as its highest mission the education, development and dispatch of excellent human resources capable of achieving top level research results. Furthermore, the university continues to strive to become a trustworthy academic institution of the highest standards.

Hiroshi Hiratsuka, Ph. D.